"Lisa is a skilled educator regarding issues of mindfulness and meditative practice.  She makes these concepts approachable for the beginner, yet she is also able to present a fresh perspective for those more experienced.  Her education and guided meditation exercises at our agency of mental health professionals served as a rejuvenating experience for us as individuals and as a team.  This is something that would be beneficial to any organization, especially those working in high stress environments where self-care is essential."

Adrienne Whitt-Woosley,  UK Center on Trauma and Children 

"Whether gathered in the warm haven of her home or at a retreat center, Lisa fashions for her groups a space for creating, sharing and self exploration that is safe, sacred and comforting.  I have attended several of her groups and I keep going back for Lisa's gifted direction and care. Calling on a wide variety of sources, faith traditions and disciplines, Lisa weaves experiences that help you see yourself and the world in different ways - giving you tools to make your journey mindful, creative and rich."


"Lisa has worked with me on both a personal and small group level.  Her loving, gentle questions and listening skills have helped me find my way through some difficult times and reconnect with my authentic self.  She has helped me recognize the Divine that is always there.  I am so thankful for her spiritual guidance." 


"Our mindfulness and spiritual direction group has provided an invaluable experience that has grown out of Lisa's creativity and innate ability to make and maintain a safe space to share and explore."  

"Lisa has a gift for holding space...space for prayer, for pain, for healing, for creativity, for planning, for hope, for the Spirit. She holds this space for our Stephen Ministers. Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who are trained to provide one to one care for those who are facing any of life's many challenges. In their care-giving relationships, they give their energy to listening and supporting others, so at our annual Stephen Ministry retreat I hope to provide an opportunity for them to be replenished of all they have shared with others. Lisa has been a blessing. As she guides us through meditations, labyrinths, mandala drawings, and collage, Lisa provides the space for our Stephen Ministers to be renewed and re-energized for their lives and ministry. Her gift to us has been so well received that our Stephen Ministers request she return every year!"

Elizabeth King
Minister of Pastoral Care
Central Christian Church
Lexington, KY

"Lisa creates a space at the cabin that invites a perfect blend of quiet reflection and group sharing.  The cabin is spacious and beautiful.  Lisa has a gift for hospitality and presentation that invites each individual to find the sacred within.  Thank you Lisa."


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