Wednesday, April 13, 2011

in clover: Re-Store

junket: A trip ostensibly taken for business purposes, which is primarily for pleasure.

A Junk-et.  Ostensibly I needed to mail a letter to France.  

"I just need to make ONE stop, well....maybe two.....but it won't take very long." 

That's what I told Big C when I picked him up from school.  There is a satellite post office around the corner from the high school AND a few doors down from that is resale shop called Restore.  First, I love that name.  Second, proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity.  Third, sometimes there is really cool stuff there.   What's not to love?

Ostensibly I needed to mail a letter to France but in all honesty, I wanted to run through Restore.  

We were not disappointed!  I had to use my camera phone so the quality of my images is lacking, sorry.  But look at all the cool stuff we found.

Right inside the door we found these sections (four seats each) of cool aqua blue plastic chairs...retro waiting room chic for sure!  They were tagged $95 per section.

 Across the aisle was this sweet, sweet vintage chair!  No stains, no rips, perfectly faded upholstery..and comfortable.  It was priced sweet too. I wish I was sitting in this chair right now. 

Big C found an air hockey table...he and his dad are considering purchasing it.  It's in really good shape and priced either $75 or $750, we aren't quite sure which.  Hope they don't fiddle and fool around and miss the deal!

This mirror seemed like a steal at $'s really big. And gold.

But the deal of the day was this metal glass top table and four chairs (very sturdy and substantial) for a mere....

This set would be very cute indoors or out.  There is a biggish chip on the edge of the beveled glass top but it wasn't a dangerous sort of chip.  Glass is expensive to replace so I would paint it, get new cushions and call it a day!  You could replace the glass though or perhaps stay on the lookout for some horrible looking table with a good glass top and swap. 

This is one sign you do NOT want to see when on a junk-et:

When we (finally) left Restore and went to mail the letter, we found this sign posted on the window of the satellite post office:

Well, we tried. 

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