Friday, April 8, 2011

in clover: a good egg

I buy fresh eggs from a friend I met at Sycamore Spirituality Center. She's the cutest young farmer you ever did see.

Yesterday for lunch Michael fixed himself an egg sandwich. I was bending his ear about this blog, of all things. In the midst of my rant, I stopped dead in my tracks to stare at the pretty, pretty eggshell he was ready to crumble into the compost pail. "Is the INSIDE of that egg shell BLUE?" I asked. I took the shell from him before he could answer. "It IS blue! And look at the outside!!!" The outer shell was a pale mocha covered in tiny dark brown speckles. This was indeed a GOOD EGG. And a beautiful one. It was way too pretty to throw away so I propped the two halves on the kitchen windowsill. Thank you for the lovely egg, R.

I hope one of my chickens will lay speckled eggs. I've read that it is a possibility but only time will tell. My hens are quite young, about 8 weeks old, and they will not start laying until around 20 weeks. This morning I was reading a favorite blog, Urban Gardens, and I saw a photo of a gardener with a young Dominique hen and I thought to myself, "How about that? I know what kind of chicken that is!" She looked just like my Dominique hen named Patsy Cline.


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