Sunday, April 17, 2011

in clover: violas are a girl's best friend

Violas are my favorite spring flower.   I planted these in a vintage English terracotta pot and put them by the aviary that is my chicken run.  I added a 1966 french agriculture award to the vignette.

This pot of violas is by my back door.  I tucked it under a rusty birdcage I bought at an outdoor flea market for $15.  I love finding new ways to use it in my garden every year.

I added violas to my window boxes too.  They are happy to live with rosemary.

This is the gate to my chickens fenced free range pen.  I bought the wooden gate and terracotta wall pocket in the cotswolds.  The violas add a bit of color and charm to the gate.

Did I mention I love spring?

Peace,  Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa! Sarah gave me the address to your new blog. I enjoyed reading all your posts and seeing your flowers. They are so pretty. She said you wanted my e-mail address. It is or you can e-mail me here, too:
    I am so glad you like my recipes and hope you will post pictures on my fb page if you try them. Thanks again. Judy

  2. Thank you, Judy! I tried to email you at the gmail address and it came back...oh well, really just wanted to say thank you so very much for sharing all the wonderful recipes. Your site has helped me a great deal!

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