Monday, May 7, 2012

in clover: sowing seed

I'm trying to get some sweet peas started.  At our first home we had a nice sweet pea patch.  A former owner put them in several years prior.  My neighbor told me she had done everything she could to kill them because she thought they made our fence line look "messy" but year after year they thankfully came back. 

Two years running I have sowed seed from those very sweet peas but they did not come up. I also sowed store bought seeds last year in a pot...they did come up, quickly!  And just as quickly, they became a tasty snack for some sort of critter.  So I bought some sweet pea plants at the gardening center.  They grew and climbed but never bloomed.  I didn't have a really great garden year last year. 

Lately, I have been reading a lot about the Sacred Feminine and I've had some lively discussions with other women.  We've been reading about the feminine qualities of God and we praying using words like Her and She.  We even tried the name Goddess on for size.  Most of us confessed to having trouble with that one.  I'm still sitting with how I feel about that. 

But even in my discomfort...when I saw this variety of sweet pea seeds at a local nursery, how could I resist? 

Clearly, I am no sweet pea growing expert so I followed the instructions on this site for planting.

I do have lots of good compost for planting the seeds, thanks to my hens, and I did nick the seed and I also soaked the seeds for a little while.  I'm hoping that these peas come up this year but they will or they won't. We shall see. 

Meanwhile, the seeds I planted in these little peat pots are just can't plant enough sweet basil!

My friend Kera taught me how to start seedlings in egg shells!  I started these a few days ago.  When the transplants are ready to go in the ground, I can gently crush the eggshell and plant the whole thing. The egg shell will nourish the plant.  Genius! 

Sweet peas make wonderful old fashioned bouquets.  They are one of my favorite flowers and I sure hope that God will see Her way clear to grace my garden with these heavenly blooms, once again.

I'll keep you posted.



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