Tuesday, June 19, 2012

in clover: no guarantees

Tonight, a first.  My ChristCare group, Cultivating Mindfulness, is meeting at my home rather than at church.  Our topic:  The Spirituality of Gardening.  I teamed up with a friend to present this topic to another group at church in early May and it was well received.  At the time, my garden was ready to be planted...in earlyMay, my garden was chock full of unlimited potential.  

But now that it's mid June and my garden doesn't look so great. In fact, for the second year running, my garden is really struggling.  What seemed like a great idea in May...."Hey, why don't you all come to my house?!  We can sit in the garden while we talk about the spirituality of gardening"....well, now it seems like the worst idea ever. 

I'm pretty sure they are expecting a thriving garden and I don't have one.  There's no way to fake this, even if I had the time and inclination.  I could have changed the location but I didn't act on that soon enough. 

The only save I can think of is to tell the truth.  I learned so much from last years problems and failures.  I was sure I had the formula for a fabulous garden.  This year's garden was SURE to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.   In past years I HAVE had lovely, thriving gardens....loads of produce, armloads of flowers.  This year, I don't.  I don't know why.  It just is.

Honestly, is there really any better lesson to learn about spirituality from gardening than this? Not sure....


  1. Made me smile and upon beginning to read, I was immediately thinking about the lesson in "failure" and how we can be humbled by it. However, I KNOW you, and the only failure here is probably just your failure to accept that it is a teenyweeny bit less than your ideal. I am sure it is lovely in its Lisaness.


  2. Thank you, EJ. I found your garden to be so inspiring! Still intend to blog about your sacred garden space. It is what it is but the best thing about tonight, by far, is being with the amazing women who will gather here. You would fit right in! :)

  3. Suspect your failing garden still looks better than most people's gardens. I count every happy group of humans in the garden as a gardening success too. Perhaps this year the plants decided to let the humans be the stars. Plants are happy to share the spotlight. They're cool that way. :-)


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