Friday, April 15, 2011

in clover: an accidental fun day

I had an accidental fun day

Due to a re-schedule, I had an 8 am hair appointment.  I love being in the salon that one else is there and I have my hair guy all to myself.  His phone doesn't ring, he makes a whole pot of coffee just for me, he takes my music requests and it's quite peaceful. 

I ran home just long enough to straighten up the house and check on the chickens before I met my friend at Joseph-Beth for lunch.  That must be heaven on, BOOKS, cute gift items and time with an amazing friend. 

I'm a (very) thrifty shopper except when it comes to books which both my mother and my father taught me early on are TOTALLY WORTH IT but I have a hard time resisting a really cute tote bag....

at $10, I think this one was a steal. 

It's in my go to and green (and the perfect shades of them too).  It's just big enough to be the right proportions for a tall girl like me but it's not too big.  The handles will definitely stay on my shoulder, it's lightweight and it can be easily cleaned just by wiping it off. 

I really like to tote things around and I didn't think twice about laying out my tenner for this bag.  Oh, and I bought three books....more on those later. 

Peace,  Lisa

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